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Why does this python code raise a syntax warning?

Why does this python code raise a syntax warning?

Why does this python code raise a syntax warning?

Well, how many of you guys are here and a beginner or initial programmer? It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or just about to start programming, knowing the different languages and codes is somehow a fun deal especially for the programmers.
Rest, it’s all about passion and interest too like I have seen many people who are not from an IT background but just because of their self-interest they know how to code and run a program.
Isn’t it an interesting deal? Indeed it is as there are still some people who love to know about computer facts and want to read tons of more tech geek articles just for the sake of self-awareness.
So it doesn’t matter in which category you fall, if you are here and want to know keenly related to python and its programming stuff then you guys are at the right place.
Instead of wasting time here and there, let’s get the ball roll and unveil some of the hidden facts of python, as, by the name of the title, you guys know that what I am going to discuss in my today’s article. So if you guys want to know that why does the python code raise a syntax error or warning then no need to get worried
I try my best to jot down the reasons why your code raises the syntax and warning issues.
So let’s explore this hidden mystery together without any asking.
The filename issue, this mostly occurs when the syntax invalid encountered, the next one os the line number error or you can say in common language issue or problem, this produce in the line where you somehow forget to write anything or misplaced or did some wrong code issue so in these conditions, the line number error or syntax issue occurred
To continue this queue, a caret is a way that indicates to you where you made a mistake like it somehow indicates the error of your code. And then, the last but not the least is the error message this is the error that shows you the exception type syntax issue. So the syntax error means to indicate your mistake or issue which you did during the time of providing the information like insert or determine the information.
So the above-mentioned are the common error types but specifically when it comes about the syntax error so the syntax error has come up with along its two kinds
One is known as the Indentation error and the second one is known as the Tab error
When it comes about the indentation error so this type of error occurs when your code doesn’t match or you can say match up properly so at that time this kind of error raises or occurs. Apart from this, on the other hand, when it comes to the tab error, so, this type or kind of syntax error occurs when you during the time of coding use both spaces and tabs in the same file which is undoubtedly one of the common mistakes for the beginners.
So my advice for you is that if you are the beginner and usually do mistakes like syntax and general code issues then watch the online coding videos and the cases of codes like whether it's about python, java, c, and any other programming language for each language there are loads of articles and videos which you can easily get on the Google, YouTube, and other sites as well.


Despite this, if you think there is smoothing left or you want to ask anything else related to the python syntax error and its issues during the time of coding then feel free to ping me down.
I would love and try my best to counter your queries along with some relevant researched answers.

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