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Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks

Top five JavaScript Frameworks

Top five JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ruling out the world. To create software products including websites, blogs, applications, interface and much more, it is the most wanted programming option. Right now, it is used as a server-side language along with client side as well. For the developers, it is not possible to write all the codes themselves when using a language. It seems to be a difficult task ever to manage.
Using the JavaScript Framework is one of the helps that all programmers are able to look into. The framework comprises of some set of codes that are user written. Somehow, a template lets the programmers alter them according to their requirement. The developers and programmers do not have to write the same codes. They are able to use the framework and have some raw material in an assembled form available. It seems quite easy to make adjustments and edits to the whole thing.
Due to an incredible increase in demand for JavaScript, the frameworks for the programming language are in great demand too. The developers prefer to use the efficient frameworks with best codes and coverage. Let us roll out to review top five JavaScript frameworks that are helping developers since a long time.


When we talk about the top of the list, then React by Facebook is the JavaScript framework that gained huge popularity in short time. With its dynamic user interface, it makes web pages with more traffic smooth and accessible. The framework is compatible with w3C object model even system and manage the things a little smart than the rest of options. The advanced codes make it even better for the declarative views of web pages and applications. The best thing about react is its component-based technology. Every single section of the web page is a component with a full packed series of codes that keeps the section work smooth. It makes the website performance better for sure.


On the number two, we have the JavaScript framework that is known as Angular. It is one of the powerful and efficient open sources that come with the huge resource of user-friendly codes. The framework is user friendly and has some of the universal codes available that works for multiple servers at a time. With the help of its available templates, the programmers have better productivity and control over their projects. The framework makes it easy for you to have code splitting so you will be able to have the desired codes on board easily. To create high performance and complex animations, you can find numerous resources in the framework.


Another impressive JavaScript framework that was developed in 2016 has made its way to the list. It features the codes that help you create high-end SPA or Single Page Application. To develop a cross platform, Vue.js is one of the reliable options that works for the developers at large in their routine.


The framework on the fourth of the list is exceptional as it covers the software development side in programming. The programmers who need extensive codes for the back-end development, database management, business logic, rendering front end and other software related matters use this framework. With the help of its cloud platform, the JavaScript framework lets you access all applications and progression at the same time. The client-side technologies come in a pack with Meteor that includes helpers, events and templates. The developers can make the most out of the framework.


The JavaScript framework was introduced in 2015 and got recognition for its two-way data binding. It is one of the reliable platforms to handle the complicated user interface. Many of the popular and highly populated websites use the platform to manage their sites and more. It offers numerous features that make a site strong, smooth and workable. There is so much to explore in the framework for developers. 

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